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Our Values

  • Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
  • Value for the environment and ecosystems
  • Think global Act local
  • Research for excellent
  • Quality
  • equality and ethics
  • Passion

BAZEZA Farm is an integrated Farm and a Research Center for Heliciculture (Snail Farm) practice. We have a group of passionate people devoted to promoting effective Heliciculture (Snail farming) practice and research for the benefit of farmers and agricultural businesses.

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Snail Breeding

We provide you with advanced expertise; how to make a snail farm and how to properly manage your farm


We offer Franchise for sale to all those searching for innovative business franchise ideas, alternative revenue and smart investment

Trading of snails

Bazezafarms is dealing with the breeding and trading of snails for the past 5 years and can provide you with the best product of the market.


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